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About Vemana

Vemana was born in 17th century in then Composite Andhra Pradesh. He commented on many of the social rituals and processes in a meter peculiar to him. A typical padyam (పద్యము) or verse contains 4 sub-verses always ending with viswada-abhirama-vinura-vema (విశ్వదాభిరామ వినుర వేమా) or just plain vema (వేమా)! This is called makutam (మకుటం ). He was supposed to have courted death by remaining naked and entering a cave at the end of his life. It is my privilege and honor to present 2500+ verses taken from వేమన పద్య రత్నాకరము (Vemana Padya Ratnaakaramu) published by బాల సరస్వతీ బుక్ డిపో (Bala Saraswati Book Depot) and compiled by శ్రీ బులుసు వేంకటరమణయ్య గారు (Sri Bulusu Venkata Ramanayya gaaru). My humble contribution is the translation into English.

Introduction And A Potpourri Of Selected Verses (bird's eye view)

Vemana On Creator

Vemana On Nature Of People

Vemana on Guru

Vemana on Nature Of World

Vemana On Salvation

Vemana on Yoga

Vemana on Foolish People:

Vemana About Pompous People:

Vemana About Learned People

Vemana About Wealth

Vemana About Bad People

Vemana About Good People

Vemana About God

Vemana About Karma

Vemana About Courage

Vemana About Infatuation


Vemana on Brahmins

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